Saturday, 18 February 2012

QUESTION;  anyone can paint as long as they take the time to do it properly?

ANSWER:  A good professional painter can make your home look better than you have ever seen it before. Provided that they are qualified, they know how to repair walls, possibly some dry wall work, trim work, plastering, they use the right materials. A good professional painter is much more than just a painter. They should be capable and well versed in a few trades that pertain to their work and big finishes. They should know what it takes to do all those things along the way for a proper prep job. The paint and finishes should be of the utmost quality.

 The retail world has a view in mind that may not be the one you have, it’s simple, make you a perennial consumer.
What that means is this:

You go to the local box store and get some "high quality paint" for your home. The paint sold to you is really good (because that’s what the administrative types tell the associates), BUT IT IS NOT REALLY MEANT TO LAST MORE THAN TWO YEARS. That is when you should be coming back to buy more paint and doing the job all over again(in their mind at the corporate level) .
 The retail market wants you to repaint your home every two years or so because it’s good for business (for them, not you). The color tones fade and the overall durability is lacking. It is made to supply a mass market cheaply, with a lot of variations in the specs, but somehow you as a consumer get to pay so much more than what it is really worth. In addition to that most homeowners really don’t know all that it takes to bring the walls to a perfect prep state and the box stores don’t have the time or in many cases, the knowledge to tell you. That’s why they are called associates, not experts(legal stuff) .

There is a real skill to straight paint lines and not having run lines on your walls. A half hour seminar on a big board in front of a crowd doesn’t begin to cover it. The tools they sell you to do your home projects with reflect this outlook. A real pro uses the best quality tools and product colors for their work, period!

So if everyone re-did their homes on a two year schedule using retail based products, we would be running in masses to their retail stores for products that are timed to wear out and in my mind cost too much to begin with. We would all be doing substandard work on our homes that would show badly in no time.
 Hint: the T.V. shots are done by pros!

Our paint projects have a warranty for 4 years against fade and reasonable wear, treat your walls nicely and they will last for ten years or more. We prep every surface properly before we even think about colour. All work is done to provide the best possible finish and durability. We don’t mark up our products in the cost of the project; we don’t play the mark up game. What we pay is what you pay. We pass any discounts on to you. The products we use are specific to the surface we are working on and they are all environmentally friendly, no generalizing allowed, no VOC’S (volatile organic compounds), no carcinogens allowed. We want the maximum lifespan, beauty and tone for every room we work in;

 Because that’s the way any home improvement project should be done.

-----WE DON’T DO RETAIL-------
Phil the Painter Renovations

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