Wednesday, 8 February 2012

 Kitchens and Cabinets
Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing
The cost of quality new kitchen cabinets generally starts at about $8,000.00 and goes up substantially from there depending on how many doors there are, the material used, and size involved. Many box stores are selling cabinets that are made of what we like to call “thick cardboard” wrapped in a plastic wallpaper type of film that is supposed to resemble finished wood. While some may choose to go this route we can offer an absolutely beautiful alternative for all homeowners who want to reinvent their kitchens.
Home owners may have oak, birch, beech, pine or maple cabinets that look a little worn or outdated for the times. It could really be that they just need refinishing. We can give an entirely new look to your kitchen and added beauty to the room. We provide a refinishing service for most kitchen cabinets that is guaranteed to impress. They can be any color you wish; dark, light or any shade in between, the only limit is your imagination. The quality is as good as or better than the original factory finish; its warm soft satin glow is designed to last about twenty years.

Refinishing cabinets that are a little worn but otherwise structurally sound is a very economical way to reinvent your kitchen and get big results.
New Counter Tops!
 We can replace your existing counter tops with new ones, complimenting and completing the stylish look of your new kitchen!

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