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 We provide many services to help restore heritage homes. We can take a diamond in the rough, give it the TLC required to restore it to the former beauty of days past. Heritage homes have a certain character unto themselves, they are a snapshot in time carried to the present. We like to modernize these beauties while keeping the traditional qualities that makes them so unique.
I often tell people “When your house was first built, it wasn’t intended to look old, nor was it constructed to last only 80 yrs “.
Plastering vs. Drywall
In a heritage house the original walls were always constructed with lathe and plaster, the lathe boards are attached to the studding and then plaster applied to the top of the lathe boards forming the walls of the home. In many cases there was wallpaper applied to the walls as well, done to cover imperfections in the plaster work.
Contractors in a renovation will frequently choose to board over top of the existing walls and while in some cases this is the only option available, all too often the historical content of the room is lost. Plaster walls in our opinion have a character unto themselves that is unique and cannot be duplicated by drywall.
We can plaster coat and repair the walls to a new state, then apply the right color or colors to bring out the true wealth and heritage of the room. We can also remove wall paper regardless of whether it was painted or how many times for that matter and with plaster coats bring your walls to a new state. Many times this process comes with less mess and less cost than that of dry walling.

All moldings crowned or off the floor should always reflect the room they are in. In many cases we have seen moldings that are either too small or large for the room to accommodate them properly. Moldings should be a natural fit to highlight and define a room space. We can arrange crown or trim moldings to accentuate a room perfectly. We can custom build and install any moulding design to accommodate any taste or room. Each house has its individual character and should always be approached with that in mind.

There is in our mind no greater beauty than a restored  historical home.

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